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Bastawi Family's Appeal: Save Saleh from Violent Death Under Torture
Bastawi Family's Appeal: Save Saleh from Violent Death Under Torture
Monday, August 7,2017 08:45

 The family of Saleh Bastawi, abducted by Egyptian authorities, received news he suffered a heart attack, bleeding and fracture of his right arm as a result of torture.

Saleh Bastawi, 59, was abducted and forcibly disappeared by police and national security forces on July 10, 2017, while on his way to a clinic for medical exam in preparation for a knee surgery. His family has no information on his place of detention until now.

Not only did the police arrest him, but also smashed up the contents of his home in central Alexandria, confiscating his personal property, including his laptop, mobile phones and other documents. The police also took away his money. Police did not give any reasons for the arrest or show any search warrant before or after breaking into his home.

On July 11, 2017, the family sent several inquiries, statements and complaints to the Attorney General, to no avail. They never received any reply until this moment.

The family heard from various sources that Saleh Bastawi had been arrested and subjected to enforced disappearance at the National Security Agency compound in the Semouha neighborhood, Alexandria, and that he was so severely tortured and badly injured he suffered a heart attack and a doctor had to be summoned – although authorities refused to transfer him to a specialized hospital.

The family sent another request to the Attorney General demanding that these allegations be investigated, and that his whereabouts be disclosed, medicines given to him, and that he be transferred to a suitable place for treatment.

The arrest and enforced disappearance of Saleh Bastawi in a secret location, without charge or legal basis, is certainly illegal and violates all known laws and constitutions.

We hold the Egyptian authorities fully responsible for his life and safety, and we fear that he may have been killed during torture.

Family of Saleh Bastawi

Sunday – August 6, 2017


To view a video statement from Saleh Bastawi's family (in Arabic):


To contact the family of Saleh Bastawi: Tel 01276905643

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