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Alex Detainees Families Exhort Authorities to Stop Violations, Atrocities Against Political Prisoners
Alex Detainees Families Exhort Authorities to Stop Violations, Atrocities Against Political Prisoners
Tuesday, August 1,2017 23:06

 The families of detainees at Borg Al-Arab Prison in western Alexandria – exiled in Gamsa Prison but transferred back to Borg recently to complete procedures of appeals filed against the sentences handed down to them – pleaded with Egyptian Authorities and human rights organizations to help save their loved ones from serious violations in Borg Al-Arab Prison.

Visits have been banned to all those inmates since they arrived at Borg Al-Arab Prison. Moreover, the prison administration refuses to allow them to receive any food or medicine from their families. Even worse, fellow inmates have reported – in recent visits – that they are being held in totally shuttered cells with no exercise, no medicine and no purchases from the prison canteen. Some of them are reported to have been placed in 'disciplinary cells' as punishment.

The detainees' families are very worried, fearing for the lives of their loved ones, especially since some of them have serious health conditions and chronic illnesses that can deteriorate rapidly with the ongoing ban on medicines, and also due to the extremely squalid and inhuman detention places as well as the continuing violations against them.

The families appealed to the competent authorities as well as civil society and human rights organizations to immediately intervene to save their loved ones from these violations and to stop all atrocities against them.

They stressed that they hold the Interior Minister, the Egyptian Prison Service, the Borg Al-Arab Prison chief and the prison's chief inspector fully responsible for their family-members' safety.

Furthermore, the Association of the Families of Detainees in Alexandria Prisons accuses the Public Prosecutor's Office and its branches in Alexandria of willful collaboration in vindictive acts and atrocities against their loved ones.

The detainees' families lodged a complaint about the matter with the head of Western Alexandria Prosecution, but he simply forwarded that to Borg Al-Arab Prosecution. However, Borg Prosecution has not taken any action to save the affected prisoners from the extreme humiliation and ill-treatment they suffer at Borg Prison.

Association of the Families of Detainees in Alexandria Prisons

July 30, 2017


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