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Rights Groups: Egypt Junta Assassinated 45 Political Opponents in 30 Days
Rights Groups: Egypt Junta Assassinated 45 Political Opponents in 30 Days
Tuesday, July 25,2017 00:35

 The Arab-African Center for Freedoms and Human Rights (ACFHR) condemns the continued campaign by Egyptian security agencies to the political assassination and deliberate execution of the ruling junta's political opponents. ACFHR notes the increased frequency of these extrajudicial killings by the Egyptian regime of unarmed citizens and political opponents who had been arrested by the police or the military, only to be killed in cold blood after a period of forced disappearance followed by statements by the Egyptian Interior Ministry announcing they had been killed in armed confrontations.

In the junta's Egypt, 45 citizens – peaceful political opponents of the coup regime – were killed in only 30 days (from 23 June to 22 July) as documented by various human rights organizations, including ACFHR, who affirm that all these victims had been arrested by coup police, with official complaints and testimonies from their families and eyewitness. But, invariably, the Egyptian Interior Ministry (IM) announces security forces killed all those citizens in security-related clashes.

According to ACFHR's latest report, the pace of killing of political opponents by Egypt's IM forces is growing in a most terrifying manner. It is impossible for any human rights center, body or organization to believe the allegations made by Egypt's IM in the above incidents. ACFHR reaffirms that these IM allegations are utter lies.

ACFHR believes that the Egyptian regime's executive authority is involved in repeated and continuing horrific human rights violations that will have catastrophic consequences in the current legal and human rights situation in Egypt. ACFHR calls for the cessation of these acts, practices and policies.

Arab-African Center for Freedoms and Human Rights

Cairo – July 23, 2017
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