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More Executions by Unjust Judicial System
More Executions by Unjust Judicial System
Sunday, October 9,2016 10:40
The #StopExecutions (#إعدام_إنسان) campaign monitors death sentences issued by the judicial authority in Egypt, and endeavors to stop executions in the current turbulent political stage, especially those ordered by the supposed anti-terror authorities and military courts.

The Cairo Criminal Court surprised Egyptians Saturday, in a trial at the Police Academy in Tora – presided over by Hassan Fareed, by issuing a new death sentence against Egyptian citizen Mohamed Fahim Abdel-Halim.

Thus Abdel-Halim joins hundreds of Egyptians sentenced to death by a judicial authority that everybody now questions whether it ever considers any of these cases brought before it, in its flagrant defiance of the standards and safeguards of fair trials.

The case dates back to 2009. Then, Abdel-Halim was acquitted by the court of first instance. However, the prosecutor appealed to the Court of Cassation. At the re-trial session on Saturday, Abdel-Halim was sentenced to death.

Practices and procedures of the judicial authority in Egypt hugely increase the gap between the regime and the society day after day, for its absurd and blatant lack of impartiality, independence and neutrality.

Today, we have a judicial authority that follows blindly orders from the executive authority, which dictates its decisions, verdicts and judgments. This is indeed a serious threat to society, to all Egyptians.

The Stop Executions campaign
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