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Students, Youth Against Coup Condemn Gov't Killing of Young Ahmed Medhat
Students, Youth Against Coup Condemn Gov't Killing of Young Ahmed Medhat
Friday, September 2,2016 13:29

 Anti-coup movements Students Against the Coup and Youth Against the Coup condemned the killing Thursday of young student Ahmed Medhat by the junta regime's Interior Ministry, which also fabricated charges against him.

On its Facebook page, the Students Against the Coup movement posted a photograph of Ahmed Medhat's mother, in tears during her son's funeral.

The movement described the grieving mother's tragedy, saying: "She labored, endeavored, raised and educated her beloved son until he became a medical student, then an officer with psychological problems beats, tortures and kills him, burning her heart and eyes!"

Separately, the Youth Against the Coup movement, in a statement on its Facebook page, said: "Dr Ahmed Medhat was a student at the Faculty of Medicine, at the top of his class. Vile Interior Ministry forces killed him yesterday, and published in an official statement that he died while running away from police raiding an apartment used for prostitution!"

The youth movement posted pictures of Ahmed Medhat before and after his death, with signs of torture, including electric shocks, clear on his face and body.

Since the coup in June 2013, Egypt has been witnessing an increasing number of murders and executions outside the framework of the law, repeating the scenario of the killing of Khaled Saeed, an icon of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, who had been killed by Interior Ministry forces, who then falsely accused him of drug possession.
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