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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood: Martyr Rights Will Not Be Lost
Muslim Brotherhood: Martyr Rights Will Not Be Lost
Saturday, July 16,2016 21:15

History will not forget that Ramses Square in Cairo witnessed a gruesome massacre committed by the military unta and the coup police on July 15, 2013. In that horrific massacre, ten of Egypt's best patriotic citizens were killed by the hands of coup regime thugs during a mass popular protest that demanded reinstatement of elected President Mohamed Morsi.

It was the first Ramses Square massacre, the sixth in a series of horrific massacres by general Al-Sisi and his putschist cronies, which began with the Sarayat massacre in July 2, 2013 and has not stopped to-date.

The first Ramses massacre, along with other junta massacres, will always remain a witness to the brutal and bloody nature of the treacherous military coup. The massacres' innocent victims (the martyrs and wounded) will be forever remembered with thousands of martyrs and wounded Egyptian patriots who called for the people's freedom and defended their human rights.

We will not forget the inhuman and barbaric crimes of the military junta in Ramses Square and others. We renew our pledge to the martyrs, the wounded and the detainees: we will exact retribution from every coup criminal whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent Egyptians.

Hassan Saleh

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Friday – July 15, 2016

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