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Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance Salutes Turkish People, Leadership for Defeating Coup Attempt
Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance Salutes Turkish People, Leadership for Defeating Coup Attempt
The nationwide coalition of Egyptian anti-coup parties and revolutionary groups praise the people and government of Turkey for successfully protecting their democratic gains and freedoms, and assure that Egyptians are inspired to more-persistently fight back against the military junta and its traitorous putsch.
Saturday, July 16,2016 20:49

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance solemnly salutes the Turkish people for diligently defending popular will in the face of a treacherous, treasonous coup attempt.

Maintaining the democratic process in Turkey – thanks to its President, government, people, the opposition and the security forces – is a slap on the face of all coups around the world. It makes proud the free men and women of the whole world.

Defeating the coup attempt within hours in Turkey must inspire the Egyptian people to fight back more courageously in the face of general Sisi's coup. Everyone must ready themselves for mobilization and serious endeavors to end the treasonous coup of Sisi and the military junta, who have recklessly crippled an international resolution by the Security Council to condemn the coup attempt in Turkey.

Every citizen who loves his homeland Egypt must move forth now. The time is right for real action. We Egyptians are by no means less capable than the Turkish people. After all, Egyptians made the great January 25 (2011) Revolution.

However, all the free men and women of Egypt's Revolution must bridge differences, and mobilize onto Cairo again. Let the whole world watch as you move boldly forward once again, in order to restore the January 25 Revolution. Then, the despots and the oppressors will pay for their horrific crimes.

May God protect Egypt and Turkey

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance


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