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Alexandria Muslim Brotherhood Detainee Support Group 'Disappeared' by Coup Forces
Alexandria Muslim Brotherhood Detainee Support Group 'Disappeared' by Coup Forces
Junta security forces subject to forced disappearance a support group working for the welfare of families of martyrs and prisoners who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood group in Alexandria, for the third time.
Wednesday, July 13,2016 18:43

Coup security forces in Egypt kidnapped Sayed Aba-Hassan, 54 years – education deputy; Ismail Almaasri, 57 – civil engineer; and their driver at the time Mohamed Waheed, 37, in front of the Italian Consulate in Mansheya, downtown Alexandria.

Sayed Aba-Hassan suffers from angina stress disease, while Ismail Almaasri suffers from heart disease and hardening of the arteries.

Families of the kidnapped men sent a special plea to all organizations and bodies concerned with human rights to intervene, to help reveal the place their loved ones are being held by junta forces.

The families hold coup security authorities fully responsible for their relatives' safety and health. They are understandably worried about them being subjected to torture that may lead to their death.

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