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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood Marks the Day Junta Treachery Bullets Killed 53 Worshippers, Including 5 Children
Muslim Brotherhood Marks the Day Junta Treachery Bullets Killed 53 Worshippers, Including 5 Children
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Saturday, July 9,2016 09:28

The world woke up at dawn on Monday – July 8, 2013 to the horrifying sounds of the Egyptian army's and security forces' bullets tearing the flesh of thousands of unarmed, peaceful protesters while performing prayers outside the Republican Guard Club. The last thing those martyrs said before the massacre was a prayer to God. Those bullets of treachery killed more than 53 of those non-violent anti-coup protesters, including 5 children, and wounded more than 435.

This massacre revealed clearly how blood-thirsty the junta is and how the coup commanders dealt with those who refuse their military rule, and proved to all that the putschists are willing to take the lives of their compatriots, transforming the Egyptian military's doctrine and changing its mission from protecting the borders and the people to being a tool to suppress and kill the people.

New pages of Egyptian history were written with the pure blood of the innocent martyrs, who gave the finest examples in steadfastness and sacrifice in support for the values ​​of freedom, justice and dignity.

The Muslim Brotherhood, with all the patriots of Egypt, remembers the horrific scenes of that massacre, and pledges to God and to all the martyrs of the January 2011 Revolution that it will never forget or compromise on the rights of martyrs and wounded.

Those heroes of the Revolution will rejoice soon, when Egypt's revolutionaries exact retribution from all those whose treacherous hands harmed the Egyptian people.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Friday – July 8, 2016
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