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Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman: No Reconciliation with Criminal Coup Regime
Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman: No Reconciliation with Criminal Coup Regime
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Tuesday, June 21,2016 19:29

In statements by Dr Talaat Fahmi, Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman, about 'news' reports of reconciliation initiatives with the coup regime, he said:

- We will not give up the democratic gains of the people. We will not reconcile with murderers whose hands are stained with blood.

- The heinous junta are the creators of the violence. They kill and maim, then claim innocence. That is what they did in the Helwan (police van) ambush and the assassination of Egypt's public prosecutor.

- The coup regime are behind this terror. Every day they kill young people inside and outside junta jails.

- Our reviews, at the Muslim Brotherhood, affirm that there is only one thing to do with the putschists: to exact prompt and fair retribution from all the criminals, especially those who killed innocent Egyptians.

- As an establishment, the Muslim Brotherhood recognizes its mistake: that we dealt with the junta as Egyptians; but evidently they are the Zionists' henchmen.


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