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Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls 'Rage' Protest Week in Support of Egypt Workers, Youth
Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls 'Rage' Protest Week in Support of Egypt Workers, Youth
The National Anti-Coup Alliance vows continued popular rage protests, against the junta and the sale of Egypt's Tiran and Sanafir islands, and for other serious coup crimes and crises, until the ouster of the military junta regime.
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Friday, April 29,2016 05:46

 Sixteen Egyptian worker were killed in Libya as they tried to earn a decent living they could not find in their own homeland. They were ignored by the traitorous Sisi Thursday in his sham meeting with workers, just as he ignored 25 Egyptian youths who drowned as they tried to flee Egypt in search of a bright future they did not find in their homeland, and like he locked up Egypt's youth who protested the sale of homeland soil, and just as Sisi's security apparatuses repress, persecute and humiliate journalists, which is totally unacceptable and must be the subject of a serious investigation.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance regrets that Egypt is indeed ruled by a military coup regime, an enemy of the workers, youth and press freedom. Those are the jewels in Egypt's crown of dignity and honor, and one of the cornerstones of its future.

The Alliance urges the continuation of popular anger, against the sale of Egypt's territories, in a 'Rage' protest week, starting Friday – within the 'Leave' revolutionary protest wave. The Revolution still continues, strong and powerful. It defies all attempts to break it. And every day, it gains new ground against the illegitimate regime's despotism, corruption and tyranny, and the murderous police's criminal practices against all Egyptians.

The counter-revolution, led by the treasonous Sisi, is responsible for the killing of thousands of Egyptians since the January 25, 2011 Revolution, the incarceration of 40,000 political opponents until now, and the brutal humiliation of Egyptian workers and youth at home and abroad. The counter-revolution must be investigated, and its commanders questioned about the rights of all Egyptians, especially the right to life, of young Sherif Habib and student Giulio Regeni, and about all the forcibly disappeared.

Now, the truth is out, and evidence has shown who stands with the Revolution and who is against it. Egypt's patriotic youth came out to demand their freedom, their dignity and the objectives of their Revolution. Now, the most important objective is revolutionary unity: putting aside differences and focusing on saving Egypt from the brutal claws of the mad military junta.

To all workers, who drown in the sea or get killed in exile...

To all the youth groups of Egypt, deprived of their freedom, their rights violated...

To the masses of the oppressed and the persecuted in every neighborhood and district in Egypt...

The Alliance appreciates and praises the young and old men and women of Egypt, and their persistence in challenging the military machine of repression and persecution; appreciates all calls for the continuation of anti-coup protests until the ouster of the illegitimate regime; and supports all genuine patriotic calls to non-violent pro-democracy actions.

We will continue to refuse the selling of Egyptian islands Tiran and Sanafir, and to refuse the traitorous Sisi's cowardly regime. We reject the continued imprisonment of all innocent detainees. We demand all the rights of workers, the poor and all the marginalized Egyptians, scorned and ignored by Sisi's regime. We are confident Egypt will soon defeat Sisi and all his cronies.

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance
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