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Egypt National Figures Issue Statement Urging Protests Against Handover of Two Islands
Egypt National Figures Issue Statement Urging Protests Against Handover of Two Islands
Reminding that Egypt is not legally represented by the ruling military junta regime, patriotic leaders and public figures call for mass protests against the sale by General Sisi of two strategic islands.
Thursday, April 14,2016 18:30

We announce we will be honoring calls by a number of groups of patriotic Egyptians urging every citizen to come out for demonstrations to express their rejection of the handover of the islands of Sanafir and Tiran – or any other part of the land of Egypt – Friday (April 15) in front of all provinces' town-hall buildings inside Egypt, and in front of Egypt's embassies and consulates abroad.

We also call on every citizen to raise high the Egyptian flag to announce their commitment to the unity of Egyptian territory – from Tiran and Sanafir to Salloum and Farafra, from Alexandria and Matrouh to Rafah and the Sinai, and from this homeland's western borders to its eastern borders; not forgetting its rivers and seas.

No-one represents Egypt but its own people. No-one sells off Egypt's territory but a traitor.

Long live Egypt, sovereign and strong

Down with anyone or regime that gives up the homeland's rights

Wednesday – April 13, 2016


Dr Tharwat Nafie

Dr Saif Abdel-Fattah

Abdel-Rahman Youssef

Hatem Azzam

Dr Amr Darrag

Dr Tariq Al-Zomar

Dr Ayman Nour

Ihab Shiha

Yehya Hamed

Dr Mohamed Mahsoub

Mohamed Tolba Radwan

Mohamed Kamal

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