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Hamas Press Statement: Delegation in Egypt Demands Ease of Blockade on Gaza Strip
Hamas Press Statement: Delegation in Egypt Demands Ease of Blockade on Gaza Strip
Dr Khalil Al-Hayya, member of Hamas' political bureau, issued a statement on Hamas' visit to Egypt, affirming that Hamas' meetings with Egyptian officials were transparent, and that Hamas called for an easing of the Palestinian people's suffering.
Wednesday, March 16,2016 20:09

Meetings between the Hamas delegation and Egyptian Intelligence officials dealt with issues of common concern in an atmosphere of responsibility and transparency. In this regard, we stress the following:

- We appreciate Egypt's historic role in the nation's crises and issues, especially the Palestinian cause. We stress the depth of the relationship between the Palestinian people and the Egyptian people who made great sacrifices and gave many martyrs for the sake of the Palestinian cause.

- We reaffirm our commitment to the stability and security of Egypt and our policy of non-interference in Egypt's internal affairs. We certainly condemn all that would undermine Egyptian national security. We will never allow anything to be launched from the Gaza Strip to harm the security of Egypt and its people. We also reaffirm our duty to protect the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt and to take all necessary actions for this purpose.

- We wish for Egypt security, safety, stability and a halt to all bloodshed. We stress Hamas' commitment to its policy of rejection of all political assassinations. We, therefore, condemn the assassination of Egypt's former public prosecutor Hisham Barakat and all political assassinations that have taken place in Egypt.

- In confirmation of Egypt's historical role in the Palestinian people's crises, we call on our brothers in Egypt to help alleviate the suffering of the Gaza Strip by opening the Rafah crossing.

Dr Khalil Al-Hayya

Member of Hamas' Political Bureau


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