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Sharqeya: More Than 20 Kidnapped by Security Forces in Recent Weeks
Sharqeya: More Than 20 Kidnapped by Security Forces in Recent Weeks
As coup security agencies abduct more than 20 citizens in just one Egyptian governorate, subjecting them to enforced disappearance, torture and forced confessions, victims' families exhort rights activists and NGOs to make an effort, an attempt to free innocent citizens.
Tuesday, February 23,2016 21:37

The number of "disappeared" citizens in the cities and towns of Sharqeya Province has rapidly risen to more than 20 citizens in the past few weeks. Those guiltless victims were kidnapped by the fascist, brutal military coup authorities as the putschist Interior Ministry escalated its ferocious campaign against opponents of the illegitimate coup in the governorate – those who reject the repressive authorities' injustice, persistent violations and crimes against detainees and their families.

A source from the detainees' defense team in Sharqeya revealed that many of them lodged formal complaints with coup government officials, but no-one responded and no reason was given for the forced disappearances of more than 20 residents of the province's cities and towns in violation of international as well as local laws and charters.

Sharqeya Detainees' Families Association renewed its pleas for civil society and human rights organizations and the media to address the crime of enforced disappearance in Sharqeya province, after a surge in victim numbers over the past few days, where more than 20 have been kidnapped and thrown in junta prisons because they are perceived as opponents of the traitorous coup, who reject injustice and the brutal treasonous military coup.

Among the disappeared in Sharqeya are 8 citizens from the city of Abu-Kabir who were abducted on 4 and 5 November 2015. Those are: Bassam Ali Sayed, teacher; Ibrahim Alqarnawi, imam and preacher; Saber Barakat, student; Ahmed Ibada, student; Ahmed Saqr, student; Salah Metwalli, Qur'an teacher; Hatem Sibai, painter and decorator; and Dr Mohamed Ahmadi (the latter was kidnapped on November 7, 2016 – more than 100 days ago).

The disappeared from the city of Derb Nagm are: Ahmed Awni Abdel-Basir, engineering student (Zagazig University); and Amr Imam, preacher and imam. Those were kidnapped on February 10 from inside their home in Aswan where they had been on a tourist trip for a few days.

The disappeared from the city of Awlad Saqr are: Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Latif Qasim, social services student at the Institute of Kafr Saqr; Ahmed Mohamed Mehana, student at the Faculty of Engineering, and another victim (whose details have not yet been confirmed) from Kafr Saqr City.

Also disappeared are: Abdel-Rahman Suleiman Mohamed, chemical engineer - from the city of Fakous; and Ahmed Mustafa Shalabi, electrical engineer - from the city of Mashtool Al-Souk.

Moreover, two brothers (Islam Abul-Neil and Abdullah Abul-Neil, from the city of Minya Al-Kameh) were forcibly disappeared; and so was Huzaifa Minshawi, from the village of Shubra Al-Inab; and Ahmed Hindawi, from Kafr Zagazig Qibli. Those four citizens were abducted on Wednesday, February 17. From the city of Bilbees, Mohamed Ashraf, student at the University of Assiut, was abducted also on February 17.

Finally, from the city of Qenayat, Dr. Mohamed El-Sayed was abducted by coup authorities more than 900 days ago. He was in front of his home in Qenayat, Zagazig, when junta forces hauled him off and subjected him to forced disappearance until now.


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