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As Father Dies for Son Detention, Coup Regime Refuses Plea to Attend Funeral
As Father Dies for Son Detention, Coup Regime Refuses Plea to Attend Funeral
Ferocious security raids in Egypt terrorize people and ruin their homes, as in this case where a father dies after son is arrested in a violent storming of their home in Kafr El-Sheikh.
Friday, February 5,2016 06:10

 Mohamed Al-Fawi, father of the youth Ayman Al-Fawi, died of a heart attack right after a violent raid by coup security forces who had just stormed his home, terrorized his family and abducted his son Ayman.

The father could not bear the brutality of coup forces or his son's arrest. He suffered a heart attack and later died. His funeral was held this afternoon (Thursday) but his son Ayman could not attend: the public prosecutor rejected lawyers' requests and the family's desperate pleas for a special license on compassionate grounds – that could allow him to be released for a short period to attend his father's funeral.

The vicious campaign of arrests and detention by coup security agencies started at dawn today (Thursday, February 4), and resulted in the arrest of four people in a small village called Meit Aldibah in Qalin (Kafr El-Sheik). The four arrested and detained are:

Hamada Abdel-Aziz Shehab, specialist at the veterinary unit in Meit Aldibah;

Ali Mahdi, owner of a car-tire workshop;

Ahmed Mohamed Farrag, graduate of the Faculty of Nursing (arrested and detained by coup security forces for several months and released once before);

Ayman Mohamed Al-Fawi, assistant pharmacist (son of the deceased person).


Fatima (Ayman's mother) - Tel: 01028682700

Dr. Roqaya (Ayman's sister) - Tel: 01091798610
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