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January 25 Revolution: Back to Liberty Squares Across Egypt
January 25 Revolution: Back to Liberty Squares Across Egypt
Sunday, January 24,2016 05:53

 To our revolutionary youth and the Egyptian people...


After freedom was lost, Egyptians' civil rights trampled and the State of lawlessness, corruption and nepotism, the illegitimate junta regime and the law of the jungle ruled our homeland, you are renewing the pledge of Revolution against the authoritarian coup regime which enshrines the State of oppression and injustice.
You are making a decisive change once again, leading the liberation of Egypt, and forging forward in liberty squares all over the country.
We renew our Revolution pledge: We will not allow any-one to sidestep our core demands for democracy.
Let us chant together with one voice: "Freedom, social justice, human dignity"!
Chant with one voice: "The people want to overthrow the regime"!
You are the mainstay of this homeland and the pulse of the Revolution. Your will shall dissipate the darkness and then the morning will dawn afresh. Let us stand steadfast with our Revolution. Let us forcefully, but peacefully, launch a new wave of revolutionary action under the slogan: "January 25 Revolutionaries: Back to Liberty Squares".
Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo: Friday – January 22, 2016
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