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Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance in Beni Suef Denounces Extrajudicial Killing of Leader Manaf
Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance in Beni Suef Denounces Extrajudicial Killing of Leader Manaf
As another leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood is tortured to death by Egypt's notorious National Security apparatus, the broadbased pro-legitimacy Alliance vows retribution.
Tuesday, November 17,2015 05:47

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Beni Suef offers its most sincere condolences to the family of the martyr Imad Hassan Manaf, managing director of the Medical Association of Beni Suef, who was tortured to death last night (Sunday).

Manaf was subjected to 12 hours of gruesome merciless torture at the hands of National Security thugs in Beni Suef, even though he had an open heart operation recently. Coup security militias abducted Manaf from his workplace, the Doctors Syndicate, in front of all employees and colleagues. Then tortured him for 12 hours without mercy or respite until his body could no longer take it.

The Alliance holds the National Security butchers responsible for the blood of the martyr Manaf, although the director of coup security in Beni Suef claimed Manaf felt unwell during his arrest at his home and was rushed to the hospital. This is an utter lie.

The Alliance stresses that it has not forgotten the blood of the many martyrs who have been killed by bullets and militias of the coup regime's Interior Ministry in Beni Suef. The blood of these innocent patriots is fuel for our steadfastness and resilience in our struggle. Manaf's death will not go to waste. We will never give up the right of the martyrs. Our souls will not rest until fair retribution is exacted from every criminal who spilled the blood of a martyr.

The Alliance solemnly salutes all the patriots steadfast behind bars in junta jails, and all the heroes in the streets and public squares, whose thundering chants shake the thrones of the despots and their cronies.

The Alliance calls on all patriotic Egyptians to stand together against the corruption and oppression of the junta regime, which brought our homeland into great peril and distress, wreaked havoc in our country, and spilled the blood of all Egyptians.

There is no way out for this country's crises, except by ousting the brutal putschists and their junta-appointed regime.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Beni Suef

Monday - November 16, 2015
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