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Statement from Detained Doctor Ibrahim Al-Yamani's Family
Statement from Detained Doctor Ibrahim Al-Yamani's Family
After a hunger strike that lasted more than 574 days in junta jails, the longest in Egyptian prison history, Dr Yamani's health suffers tremendously.
Saturday, November 14,2015 07:50

Ibrahim Al-Yamani's health is getting worse day by day because of his commitment to a hunger strike (he will take water only), which led to substantial deterioration of his condition. "He lost more than a third of his weight and his vital body functions have been impaired".

Absurdly, the prison administration prevented Yamani from receiving any medication or intravenous solutions. It also banned all medical care for him in prison and barred him from getting visits for long periods. They threw him in solitary confinement for extended periods, at least once lasting more than 20 days. The prison administration also tortured Yamani to force him to end his hunger strike, despite his ill health and the fact that he was nearing death.

Ironically, as pleas and cries for help called for freedom for Yamani, recently he was threatened explicitly with torture to death in solitary confinement.

In any case, we did not see any response to those pleas or cries for help, neither from relevant authorities, nor from local or international human rights organizations, nor from the Egyptian Medical Syndicate for that matter. In fact, the latter aided and abetted junta repression rather than stop it.

As pressure on Yamani increased – from his family, doctors aware of his condition and rights activists, who tried to persuade him to stop his hunger strike – after we saw how his body weakened, even collapsed completely for long periods, he finally agreed and gradually began to move to a partial hunger strike.

We would like to add that Yamani won the fight with his steadfastness and persistence. His goal was never to get out of detention by himself, without his oppressed mates. He was the first detainee to go on a hunger strike in Egyptian prisons after the July 3 (2012) coup. Moreover, his was the longest hunger strike in the history of Egyptian prisons (lasting over 574 days).

Family of Detained Doctor Ibrahim Al-Yamani

Cairo: Thursday – November 12, 2015
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