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Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Hails Turkish Elections Success
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Hails Turkish Elections Success
Monday, November 2,2015 05:21

The office of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood abroad offers its sincere congratulations to the Turkish people for their positive turnout and firm determination, and their jealous regard for their civil life and their dynamic rivalry within the boundaries of peaceful and civilized competition.

The election results and the impressive turnout, which exceeded 87%, show how the state's strengths can be bolstered with the people's free will and free choice when they are not subject to despotic and repressive military rule.

The primary purpose of repression, oppression and rule of the gun is to break and suppress the will of the people and to prevent the people from expressing their free will, so popular will under such military rule becomes an exercise in futility, irony and deception. That is when the proportion of people's participation in democratic elections can be indicated with fingers of one hand.

Peoples who succeed in ending military rule and ousting the junta, tyranny and the rule of the gun, and establish the democratic practice of resorting to the people and their will, are capable of being more dynamic and able to express their free will without any ruler's control or deception.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood abroad offer their heartily congratulations to the Justice and Development Party and its leadership on their admirable performance in this election, triumphing over all other competing parties, on the large percentage of the votes of Turkish people won, which reflects the Turkish people's growing confidence, and on the great endeavors they pursued, and still are, in domestic and international issues.

We hope the party and its leadership will continue these good endeavors, bringing the Turkish people more progress and advancement and independence, and bolstering support for just regional and international causes.

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Office Abroad

Sunday - November 1, 2015
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