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Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition Condemns Unjust Sentences Against Egypt Women, Girls
Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition Condemns Unjust Sentences Against Egypt Women, Girls
Egypt's revolutionary women coalition denounces the unjust sentences against 55-year old Ms Wedad Kamal and the female student Heba Kishta.
Friday, September 4,2015 05:19

 The Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women (RCEW) condemns the unjust sentences issued by coup 'justice' Thursday (September 3) against women and girls of Egypt.

Alexandria Criminal Court sentenced (Ms) Wedad Kamal, 55, to three years in prison. Also, the military court in Port Said sentenced Mansoura University student Hebatullah Ibrahim Kishta, to two years in prison. She was arrested from the university campus on October 30, 2014 while trying to aid an injured student.

RCEW considers these sentences cheap attempts to disguise and justify arbitrary arrests to world public opinion, while the whole world has become convinced that in Egypt justice is only one of the military coup regime's tentacles that works in a heavily politicized way against democratic legitimacy and its supporters, contrary to both the Constitution and the law.

Unfortunately, in Egypt now no human rights are respected or safeguarded, and no laws or constitutions are applied. More importantly, all institutions specifically tasked with upholding the law and establishing justice are now dealing injustice, supporting the traitorous coup's oppression of women and girls who turned out to defend the truth, their rights and freedoms.

Egypt's women, with the incredible courage, strength and stamina they have clearly shown, will be an important factor for victory over the brutal coup, and the reinstating of legitimacy.

However, Egypt's women now have no time for self-pity. They seek a massive revolution in the streets and squares of Egypt, to shake the illegitimate military coup and smash its foundations with the power of faith in high morals and principles and the patience of detained women and girls (and their families) despite all the injustice and oppression they suffer.
Cairo: Thursday – September 3, 2015
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