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Abdel-Sattar: Muslim Brotherhood Absence Will Bring Civil War to Egypt
Abdel-Sattar: Muslim Brotherhood Absence Will Bring Civil War to Egypt
Prof. Gamal Abdel-Sattar of Al Azhar University affirms Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt's essential safety-net.
Monday, July 6,2015 08:43

 Dr. Gamal Abdel-Sattar, member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Professor at Al-Azhar University, said if the Muslim Brotherhood was to stop its activities or dissolve itself, its disappearance from the Egyptian political scene would lead to a civil war that on-one can control.

This came during in a phone call on Althawra (the Revolution) satellite TV channel by way of a comment on rumors about the Muslim Brotherhood possibly disbanding itself and suspending its activities in Egypt.

Abdel-Sattar further said: "Dissolving the Muslim Brotherhood or its absence  in Egypt means the start of a civil war – disastrous developments that no-one can stop... The Muslim Brotherhood is like a safety valve or a balancing force in Egypt.

"No Egyptian should stand silent in the face of heinous bandits who corrupt political and economic life and undermine security in Egypt... The revolutionary resistance is not confined to the Muslim Brotherhood. All Egyptians are taking part."
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