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Yemen Islah Party Strongly Condemns Triple Terrorist Bombings in Sanaa
Yemen Islah Party Strongly Condemns Triple Terrorist Bombings in Sanaa
Islah party denounces three bomb attacks on mosques in the Yemeni capital, which claimed the lives of 140 people and injured nearly 350 others at three mosques crowded with worshippers.
Saturday, March 21,2015 05:30

Islah strongly condemns the heinous terrorist bombings that targeted Badr mosque in Assafya and al-Hashush mosque in Jiraf in the Yemeni capital Sanaa and resulted in dozens of martyrs and wounded.

In its statement issued today (Friday), the Secretariat of Yemen's Al-Islah Party said that what happened was a tragic shocking scene and dangerous precedent, where the treachery hand extended to mosques to assassinate innocent people to reflect the imminent danger threatening Yemenis, considering that these heinous acts know no religion or borders.

The Secretariat offers Islah's condolences to the martyrs' families, prays to God to heal the wounded, and calls on security services to bear their responsibility and arrest the perpetrators without delay, as well as all those who stand behind, reveal their real identities and bring them to justice.

Islah calls on all political and social forces, NGOs and scholars to address the state and problem of sedition that threatens the homeland and the other dangers faced by the Yemeni people, and to work urgently to prevent the murderers and criminals from achieving their traitorous goals and stop them from spilling more Yemeni blood, security.

General Secretariat of Islah Sanaa

Friday – March 20, 2015

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