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With 'Aljazeera Mubasher - Egypt' TV Shuttered, Pro-Revolution TV Channels Persist
With 'Aljazeera Mubasher - Egypt' TV Shuttered, Pro-Revolution TV Channels Persist
Anti-coup media coordination group expresses hope that after the closure of Aljazeera Mubasher-Egypt TV, pro-Revolution channels will suffice.
Friday, December 26,2014 06:04

 The anti-coup journalists and media coordination committee in Egypt regrets the suspension of broadcast of Aljazeera Mubasher-Egypt, and hopes that the decision is not a prelude to closing the channel altogether and laying to waste the positive experience that supported professional work and credibility provided by Egyptian media professionals in the hugely successful AlJazeera news network.

The committee urges Aljazeera network to safeguard the rights of journalists in the shuttered TV channel.

The committee calls on all other TV channels that support the January 25, 2011 Revolution to fill the expected void, and to guide revolutionary consciousness at this important juncture in the history of the struggle of the truth against falsehood, oppression and deception.

TV channels do not make the facts and cannot change them. The murderer will remain condemned; the innocents' blood will remain on the hands of Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his coup regime – they will stand trial and receive fair and prompt punishment, in time. The truth will remain unchanged, unaffected by the sudden exit of a TV channel without popular permission of the masses of the Revolution. Also, the inhuman massacres will remain horrid crimes unaffected by any TV channel's changing positions.

Cairo – December 23, 2014


Journalists Against the Coup

Journalists For Reform

Reporters Against Coup

Martyr Ahmed Abdel-Gawwad Committee

Reporters For Change
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