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Aisha Al-Shater: Allegations of 5-Star Detainee Treatment Utter Lies
Aisha Al-Shater: Allegations of 5-Star Detainee Treatment Utter Lies
The daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leader Al-Shater rejects claims of peace and tranquility at junta jails, made by a senior prison official, as baseless propaganda.
Wednesday, September 10,2014 05:31

 Aisha Al-Shater, daughter of Khairat Al-Shater – Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman, said claims that detainees get "5-Star" treatment in prison were nothing but "blatant lies", criticizing remarks made by the junta's director of prison service, who also claimed there were no prisoners or detainees on hunger strike.

In a post on her Facebook page Tuesday, Aisha said: "Mohamed Salah Sultan, detained in the notorious Tora Prison, is in a serious condition between life and death as a result of a hunger strike that has already lasted more than 300 days. Ibrahim Yamani, held in the same prison, is on a hunger strike, and his health is suffering tremendously, too. Also, Dr. Magdy Khalifa and Mustafa Zeidan, members of university teaching staff, are on hunger strike. Diauddin Abdel-Moneim Mahdi, again held in Tora high-security prison, keeps losing consciousness because he is on a hunger strike.

"Moreover, honorable girls and women of Egypt held in Qanater Prison are also on hunger strike. Furthermore, there are many more detainees on hunger strikes in Wadi Natrun Prison and other junta jails."
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