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Anti-Coup National Alliance in Matareya and Ain-Shams: Retribution Will Be Done
Anti-Coup National Alliance in Matareya and Ain-Shams: Retribution Will Be Done
With the West turning a blind eye, and certain Arab states supporting the military junta's brutal repression of an entire population, coup security forces act with impunity, killing more and more unarmed peaceful protesters every day.
Friday, August 15,2014 06:39

 On the first anniversary of the military junta's inhuman massacres, we remain faithful to the pledge we made to the martyrs.

Many of our fellow protesters were killed Thursday, just like the thousands of martyrs who were killed in Rabaa and Nahda protest sit-ins a year ago, victims of fascist military oppression.

Sadly, we have just received confirmation that a fellow protester – a young girl called Iman Ahmed, a secondary school student (18, from Alexandria); Mohamed Shahat Labib (Menoufia Governorate); and Omar Ramadan, Bachelor of Arts; who were hit earlier by the junta's Interior Ministry assault forces with poisoned birdshot during Matareya marches, have in fact died.

We call on all international organizations to investigate this heinous crime against humanity

Military junta leaders should realize, without a doubt, that their inevitable fate is death at the hands of the revolutionaries. The martyrs' blood only increases our determination to seek retribution for them soon.
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