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Pro-Democracy ‫ National Alliance Calls Upon Aswan Tribe Leaders to Stop Bloodshed
Pro-Democracy ‫ National Alliance Calls Upon Aswan Tribe Leaders to Stop Bloodshed
As the famous touristic city of Aswan mourns more deaths from inter-tribal confrontations, Egypt's nationwide anti-coup coalition urges all parties for reconciliation.
Thursday, April 10,2014 04:12

 The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance deeply regrets the casualties in Aswan resulting from fighting between the Nubian Daboudiya tribe and the Bani Helal tribe, and the indifference of coup authorities, which dedicate their resources only to the shedding of Egyptian blood.

The Alliance has investigated the situation on the ground. It calls on all parties to listen to the voice of reason and wisdom and avoid more bloodshed and ruinous sedition. They are all sons and daughters of Aswan, known for their compassion, forgiveness and tolerance, not such alien and painful roughness and vengeful hatred demonstrated over the past week.

The Alliance underscores the need to hold to task, without delay, all officials who have been negligent in this matter. It stresses that the blood of all Egyptians is sacred, not to be treasonously traded by coup leaders and their media henchmen in their desperate efforts to demonize all those who resist their tyranny and repression, and in coup efforts to subvert and trample the will of the people and to prevent the return to the democratic process.

The Alliance notes with concern how coup authorities ignore the demands of the Nubian people and how the putschists adopt divisive policies. The Alliance appreciates the Nubians' tremendous past sacrifice – when they willingly abandoned their villages, their homes and properties in order to provide water for their homeland and their people.

Meanwhile, Egypt will never forget that the tribes of Aswan, throughout Egypt's modern history, were defenders of this homeland's water. Moreover, Egypt will always remember how the people of Aswan warmly welcomed the Nuba tribes who left their homes and villages for the sake of Egypt.

The Alliance calls upon the loyal sons and daughters of the homeland as a whole, and especially its supporters in Aswan, to do their part and perform their duty in all efforts to stop the bloodshed and achieve reconciliation in order to root out sedition, and bolster cohesion in the social fabric of Aswan, in anticipation of the fall of the putschist gang of sedition and division, soon.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: April 8, 2014
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