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Court Surprise in Trial of Five Morsi Supporters Falsely Accused of Torture in Rabaa Vigil
Court Surprise in Trial of Five Morsi Supporters Falsely Accused of Torture in Rabaa Vigil
In Cairo Criminal Court, torture victim tells judge that the defendants were his saviors not assailants, and that the arresting officer ordered him to accuse them ‘in order to get his full rights’.
Thursday, October 3,2013 23:49

During the trial of five supporters of President Mohamed Morsi, who were accused of attempted murder, torture and amputation of the finger of a citizen at Rabaa Al-Adaweya protest camp, the Cairo Criminal Court saw several stunning surprises, as the defendants emerged from the deliberation room seemingly delighted, making Rabaa victory signs.

The victim revealed some shocking details when he affirmed to the judge that the defendants did not assault him, nor cut his finger, but in fact protected him against unknown assailants who had tortured him. He also affirmed that the officer who recorded the incident fabricated the charges against the defendants and forced him to press those charges against his rescuers.

The defense then requested the release of the defendants and the summoning of the officer Mohamed Hamed Hassan, who recorded the incident, to be questioned with regard to the victim's statements about being forced to accuse innocent rescuers.

- This is an edited translation of an article from Al-Jazeera reporters


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