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Egypt Coup Kills Own Men, by Hatem Azzam
Egypt Coup Kills Own Men, by Hatem Azzam
Cairo - September 14, 2013: Hatem Azzam – member of Egypt’s Anti-Coup National Alliance affirms that the coup commanders kill their own collaborators just as they kill dissidents, opponents and resistors.
Monday, September 30,2013 16:06

By Hatem Azzam, Vice-President of Wasat Party and member of the Anti-coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance.

Khaled Domian, member of the Social Democratic Party (a pro-coup political party)’s High Council, and his cousin were killed by an “army of thugs” lead by a notorious outlaw in Assiut who was also involved in torching a police station there after the military coup.

This is an incident that reveals many details of the internal security scene in Egypt after the military coup, and the relentless security crackdown executed under the ambiguous slogan of “Fighting Terrorism”.

The thug demanded ten thousand Egyptian Pounds 'protection money' from Khaled Domian and his cousin. Domian refused, filing a report at Sahel Salim police station in Assiut. In fact, Domian and friends did not stop at that. They also filed a formal complaint with Assiut’s assistant head of security.

There is no doubt that the military coup has turned mobs of thugs and other registered dangerous offenders into additional 'security forces', ruthless and brutal militia they use against peaceful protestors, to fight supporters of democracy and all those who condemn the military coup.

These outlaws work openly, in full protection of police and army forces. Pictures abound of police and army forces working side by side with these criminal militias in numerous incidents, such as the massacres of Republican Guard Club, Nahda and Rabaa squares, the Memorial, Al-Fateh Mosque, Mansoura, Port Said and others.

Thus, the Sahel Salim police station and the assistant head of security in Assiut did not move a finger in response to Domian’s formal complaints. They simply left matters up to ‘security militias’ comprised of thugs and other outlaws.

Following Domian’s report and complaint, he was surprised by a call from the leader of the "army of thugs" at Sahel Salim, which included an explicit death threat: "You have complained to the police. Let us see if that will be of any use to you. My army and I will come and kill you". With the swift and prompt thugs’ justice, the sentence was issued and executed, as Domian and his cousin were killed by thugs within 48 hours of reporting the original extortion demand.

Organized thug militias in Egypt did not stop at that point. In fact, the forces of the Interior Ministry were not even able to secure the prosecutor and forensic specialist's attempt to examine the bodies due to the heavy presence of the thugs. Till this very moment, Domian and his cousin have not been buried.

This incident with all its details has been testified to by Ahmed Fawzy, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party’s Secretary-General, who narrated the events of what had happened in a telephone conversation with Mahmoud Saad, a talk-show host, on ‘Akhir Alnahar’ (End of the Day) show on Al-Nahar satellite TV channel, on September 12.

At the end of the call, a question was posed: “If this has happened to a high-ranking official in a governing political party in office (both the prime minister and his deputy are from his party), what about simple citizens? What would they do and who would stand by them?”

This incident is repeated tens or even hundreds of times, in daily crimes committed by thugs in Egypt after the military coup, which has transformed this army of thugs into a semi-official force that it uses to oppress and kill peaceful protesters who oppose the military coup.

Today many 'Battle of the Camel' incidents take place across the nation, where thugs are committing brutal crimes against everyone – of course after receiving the necessary protection and cover as they do this patriotic and honorable role.

The participation by the Social Democratic Party in the military coup against democracy (and their leaders – including Beblawi – overseeing the repression and ruthless crimes against democracy, freedom and dignity) is the main reason behind the killing of thousands of citizens, the most recent of whom are their colleagues Khaled Domian and his cousin.

Unfortunately, Ahmed Fawzy is politically responsible for the death of his colleague Domian, as well as thousands of his fellow Egyptian citizens.

This incident and many others like it call upon those who participated in the shameful military coup, by blessing it in the media and the political sphere, to apologize to the Egyptian people and the families of the deceased and imprisoned, and to correct their wrongdoings by standing against the oppressive military coup, which does not differentiate between Egyptians as it spills the blood of all citizens.

Freedom cannot be granted to a group of people and not the other, as the coup's songs say today. Nor can democracy be tailored to fit the agenda of a particular party, as coup politicians claim. The flames of the military coup and oppressive police state and thugs will reach all Egyptians without differentiation.

One question remains unanswered: Is terrorism the act of peaceful protesting that calls for the return of democracy and the refusal to live under a military coup regime? Or is terrorism what is practiced by the militia of thugs and security forces protected by the military coup under the slogan "no voice can be louder than the voice of the battle"?

The military coup shall be defeated; and the Egyptian Revolution shall prevail.

Long live democratic Egypt.

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