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Muslim Brotherhood Legal Committee: Banning MB Association Invalid, Political Exclusion
Muslim Brotherhood Legal Committee: Banning MB Association Invalid, Political Exclusion
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Legal Committee rejected as null and void the legal ruling to ban the group’s registered Association, affirming that the ban does not conform to the law and legal procedures.
Tuesday, September 24,2013 02:52

In a statement earlier today (Monday, September 23), the Muslim Brotherhood’s Legal Committee condemned a ruling to ban its recently registered Association, stressing that:

"The verdict was issued by a court out of jurisdiction, and did not follow proper legal procedures that dictate the presence of both parties to the dispute before the court.

"Furthermore, the merits of the case were invalid, since they are not based on the law. This ruling is deemed a circumvention of the administrative court competent to adjudicate in this matter."

The Legal Committee also pointed that talking about committing violence and terrorism in proceedings still under investigation is a misplaced and unacceptable jumping of events. It noted that the issue "comes within the framework of political exclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood".

The Committee further underscored that banning the Muslim Brotherhood Association is "a serious setback", pointing that "everyone was talking about the importance of ‘legalizing’ the situation of the Muslim Brotherhood. Then, only months after registering the Association, we see this happening in an outrageously illegal manner, by a worthless invalid ruling".


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