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Brotherhood Statement on Killing of 37 Citizens in Police Van by State Security Officers
Brotherhood Statement on Killing of 37 Citizens in Police Van by State Security Officers
Muslim Brotherhood statement condemns yet another incident of Ministry of Interior forces using maximum force to silence opposition.
Monday, August 19,2013 06:10

No sooner do Egyptians now bury their martyrs felled by the hand of treachery and state terrorism than they receive even more martyrs killed by military and police forces of the bloody coup engaged in a war of annihilation against Egyptians opposed to the brutal putsch.

Dead and injured peaceful protesters have reached astronomical numbers, with the last of state-executed massacres killing at least 37 Egyptian citizens in a police van on the way to a prison on Sunday, August 18.

Notwithstanding the contradictory claims by the Ministry of the Interior, once saying they choked on teargas, and then alleging they were shot dead, those citizens were, in any event, the responsibility of the Interior Ministry, which decided to betray its trust and ignore its role, and executed them for their opposition to the bloody military council.

This heinous crime shows the total disregard of the right to life by these murderous fascist thugs. It also raises concerns of the Egyptian people for their sons detained by the Interior Ministry by the thousands, who may be executed, too.

We hold the Ministry of Interior and the coup leaders fully responsible for these heinous crimes, which seem to never stop, as they believe they can subjugate and humiliate the Egyptian people.

But the people will not kneel and will get through this black period of Egyptian history. We further urge all humanitarian and human rights organizations as well as all men of free conscience at home and abroad to stand in solidarity with the Egyptian people who face fierce and vengeful extermination campaigns with all types of weapons waged by followers of the coup Generals, the army and the police.

"Those who do wrong will soon come to know where they will end up." (Quran 26:227)

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: August 18, 2013

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