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Egypt Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Our Peacefulness is Our Strength
Egypt Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Our Peacefulness is Our Strength
In the face of heinous plots by putschists to create explosions across Egypt and accuse anti-coup protesters of causing them, pro-legitimacy demonstrators at the huge Cairo sit-ins are exhorting more people to join their rallies while they reaffirm their commitment to peacefulness.
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Monday, August 5,2013 03:46

 (Cairo, Sunday, August 4, 2013)  Coup supporters and collaborators still seek excuses to break up pro-legitimacy sit-ins and silence dissenting voices in order to complete a full-fledged military dictatorship, erect a police state and empower the counter-revolution.

They find nothing unacceptable in justifying their crimes. It should suffice to note their repeated claims – that have been proven false – that peaceful protestors are committing acts of violence and terrorism, while at the same time they continue to massacre unarmed citizens at pro-democracy vigils.

Add to that the information we have received of the putschists’ plot to set off explosions at various locations, then blame those on anti-coup protestors in preparation for a violent crackdown on peaceful protesters at pro-legitimacy sit-ins.

We reaffirm yet again that our peacefulness is the secret to our strength, and we will never waver from it. Also, we will never permit the shedding of one drop of Egyptian blood, and will not permit destruction. All this is prohibited by the laws of God, and is a crime against the nation and its higher interests.

The Alliance calls on the great Egyptian people to gather and go out in large numbers on Tuesday (August 6), when recitation of the Holy Quran will be completed, under the banner of "Steadfastness".
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