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Anti-Coup Alliance Statement Condemns Rise in Violence Against Conservative Muslims in Egypt
Anti-Coup Alliance Statement Condemns Rise in Violence Against Conservative Muslims in Egypt
Cairo: July 29, 2013 - An escalating campaign of violent attacks, murder and arson against all Muslim individuals who seem 'likely' to be pro-Morsi has reached a crescendo of unprecedented proportions.
Monday, July 29,2013 14:50

Egypt's Anti-Coup, Pro-democracy National Alliance is extremely concerned over the rapid spread of violence by thugs against practicing Muslim individuals and the lack of action by the Egyptian authorities.
On 28 July 2013, thugs attacked Momen perfume shop in Port Said and burnt bearded Mr Mohamed Khaled, who appeared to be a pro-Morsi supporter, locking him up inside the shop until he died.
The societal violence in Egypt is very alarming at the moment and has reached an unprecedented sharp peak. The Alliance condemns these brutal crimes committed by thugs under the protection of the security services and holds the Egyptian authorities and the army responsible for the ongoing inhumane crimes and escalating violence in the country.

Evidently, the military-censored media plays a significant role in fueling hatred and inciting violence against devout Muslims and anyone perceived to be an opponent of the July 3 military coup.
It also condemns the lack of action by the Egyptian authorities to combat such crimes and for the current state of insecurity in the country.
While the Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance is greatly concerned over this kind of societal violence, sectarianism and discrimination, it urges the international community and the UN to remind the Egyptian authorities of Egypt's obligations under international law and conventions ratified by the country.

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