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Aref: Coup Will Fail; Dubbing Peaceful Protests Terrorism Reprehensible
Aref: Coup Will Fail; Dubbing Peaceful Protests Terrorism Reprehensible
Lynching Egypt back to pre-2011 revolution, putschists insist coup is neo-democracy and demonstrations are acts of terrorism.
Thursday, July 18,2013 18:51

Dr. Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, said that the Egyptian people defend their free will and choices, stressing that the coup in Egypt has already dragged the country back to pre-January 25 (2011 revolution) repressive arrest and detention campaigns, gagging of mouths and killing of peaceful protesters.

"Putschists think the same way as ousted Mubarak's regime before the January 25 Revolution. They use the same means and tools of repression, including media blackouts and describing peaceful demonstrators as terrorists. This is completely unacceptable.

"The continued sit-ins in Egypt’s public squares have befuddled the coup commanders and masterminds. This is evident from many contradictions in their decisions, actions and stances. The coup cannot succeed with the people spontaneously defending their rights, their will and choices themselves."


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