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National Conscience Front: Democracy and Human Rights in Egypt at Grave Risk
National Conscience Front: Democracy and Human Rights in Egypt at Grave Risk
With the security apparatus’ rapidly escalating witch-hunt of Islamists, shuttering of TV stations and newspapers, and even cold-blooded mass murders sponsored by the putschists and the military regime, an expeditious return to democratic legitimacy is imperative.
Friday, July 12,2013 10:00

In a statement Thursday, the National Conscience Front (NCF) condemned the ‘grave’ developments of the military coup in Egypt, which even spilled the blood of innocent Egyptians outside the Republican Guards Officers’ Club at dawn on Monday.

The NCF expressed deep appreciation to all the free and honorable people throughout the world who supported the Egyptians’ demands to restore democracy and the freedoms and rights that are being violated on a large scale.

The NCF further said that prosecutions, security witch-hunts, closings of TV channels, warrantless wire-tapping, surveillance of activists and other repressive actions evidently highlight an attempt to return to the past with all its oppression, injustice and flagrant violations.

The NCF denounced the rush by some neighboring countries to support the coup against democracy in Egypt, pointing that this only reflects the concern of these regimes over their peoples who might move to demand democracy following the example of the Egyptian democratic model.

In conclusion, the NCF called on all Egyptians to resolve to restore democracy as the only way to save the country and rebuild the future of both the homeland and the people.

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