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Police, Thugs Ambush and Kill Pro-Morsi Demonstrators Outside Cairo University
Police, Thugs Ambush and Kill Pro-Morsi Demonstrators Outside Cairo University
Aided by police firing teargas at peaceful Morsi supporters in a Cairo sit-in, armed Tamarod (Rebel) thugs are using automatic weapons and live bullets to kill and injure hundreds of people, the second wave of murderous attacks in a few hours.
Wednesday, July 3,2013 08:21

 Thugs hired by Tamarod and the Salvation Front opened fire on peaceful supporters of President Mohamed Morsi outside Cairo University in Giza’s Nahda Square.

An eyewitness said the police arrived first on the scene, supposedly to protect peaceful demonstrators. Then, a mob of thugs appeared and attacked the President’s supporters, who were shocked to see the police also firing at them teargas canisters, thus helping thugs to terrorize peaceful demonstrators. The eyewitness affirmed they were the victims of an apparently tight plot executed by police and thugs.

The eyewitness said police fired live bullets using machine guns to kill and injure pro-Morsi demonstrators outside the university, pointing that the march in support of the President was still on its way to Nahda Square, but was ambushed by thugs wielding automatic weapons in the 'Bayn Al-Sarayat' area.

Other eye-witnesses described the ferocious attack at Nahda Square as another 'Battle of the Camel' against supporters of democratic legitimacy and defenders of the Revolution, asserting that at least sixteen martyrs have fallen during the attack, while hundreds were wounded.
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