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Alliance of Egyptians Detained in UAE: New Arrests Blatant Violation of Human Rights
Alliance of Egyptians Detained in UAE: New Arrests Blatant Violation of Human Rights
Families of Egyptians detained in the UAE condemn yet another wave of unjustified arrests that evidently violate human rights of innocent people.
Sunday, June 16,2013 23:08

The alliance of families of Egyptian prisoners in the UAE received news of a fresh wave of arrests of Egyptians residing in the UAE, with great sadness, shock and regret, as it affirmed that human rights are being massacred day and night, outside and away from any course of law and justice in the UAE.

In a press statement, the alliance reaffirmed that politically-motivated Emirati escalation against Egyptians is purposeful repression and harassment, stressing that UAE authorities must be held accountable internationally for what they perpetrated against Egyptians who spent years of their lives working for the UAE, receiving many awards for their distinctive service, just like the previous fifteen detainees, and then their service is ended dishonorably for no real reason.

The alliance called on UAE authorities to respond with full transparency to claims of psychological and physical torturing of the fifteen Egyptian detainees who were forcibly abducted months ago.

It also demanded authorities should announce the names, treatment and fate of the new detainees, and the reason for refusing to facilitate visits to Egyptian detainees by their families.

The alliance further stressed that while Egyptians suffer serious violations in the UAE, political parties and movements must set aside their differences and rally around calls for unconditional release of Egyptian detainees.

The alliance commended the media, newspapers and human rights centers as well as professional associations that continue to embrace the demands of freedom for Egyptian detainees in the UAE; and appealed to everyone to persevere in order to regain freedom for the Egyptian detainees.

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