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Beltagy: Constitutional Court Trying to Politicize Army; Must Be Reformed
Beltagy: Constitutional Court Trying to Politicize Army; Must Be Reformed
As Egypt’s supposedly neutral Constitutional Court gets more and more vividly politicized, and evidently seeks to politicize the country’s military, its misconceived proposition is rejected by the people, the police and the army.
Wednesday, May 29,2013 07:53

 Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Executive Bureau, denounced the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC)’s increasing immersion in politics and its insistence on dragging military and police forces into the political arena, very much against the will of the army, the police and the people.

Dr. Beltagy said: "Not only did the SCC fully disable regulatory powers, cause major disruption to the legislative authority by disbanding the elected parliament – keeping that vital institution away from its duty for more than a year, and then delaying parliamentary elections 45 days followed by another 45 days, but also it is now taking over legislative power and writing new elections and political practice laws that are certainly impossible to accept.

"I believe the SCC’s illogical interpretation of the Constitution is a serious professional error, leading to a serious national mistake."

Dr. Beltagy added, "The SCC’s decision is a gross error that must be corrected. Should we ask the SCC to correct its mistake and desist from its policy of endeavoring to manage the country's affairs? Or should we call on the Shura Council to do its duty, not only to amend the Judicial Authority Law, but also to reform the SCC in accordance with the provisions of Egypt’s postrevolution national charter, so as not to further disrupt the whole country and threaten its interests?!"

Earlier, the National Conscience Front, of which Dr. Mohamed Beltagy is a member, called for an urgent legislative decision to reform the SCC composition, jurisdiction and powers in accordance with the country’s Constitution after the great January 25 Revolution.
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