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Brotherhood: Guidance Bureau Has Not, Will Not Discuss Judicial Authority Law
Brotherhood: Guidance Bureau Has Not, Will Not Discuss Judicial Authority Law
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood refutes ‘reports’ by hostile media that claim the group’s top authority discusses the amended law to regulate the country’s judiciary.
Wednesday, April 24,2013 17:12

In a press statement Wednesday, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Secretary-General, said: "Egyptian news website 'Al-Youm Al-Sabea' published utter lies entitled: 'Guidance Bureau Meets Today Under Badie Chairmanship to Discuss Judicial Authority Law', which is a deliberate insult to readers in total disregard of professional standards and the press code of honor.

"The Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau has no jurisdiction to discuss draft laws. The attempt to thus distort this image is but a link in the chain of relentless acts of blatant vilification and defamation of the Brotherhood and its leaders, an attempt to drive a wedge between them and state institutions and government authorities. We hope honorable journalists and media professionals would not fall into such shameful quagmire. We have repeatedly said that journalists and media professionals should monitor and regulate themselves."

Dr. Hussein further called on all media outlets and media workers to commit to honesty, objectivity and professionalism in dealing with news reporting, never manufacturing stories or warping the truth.

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