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Beltagy: Hate Media Highlights Contrived Clashes, Ignores Peaceful Demo to Purge Judiciary
Beltagy: Hate Media Highlights Contrived Clashes, Ignores Peaceful Demo to Purge Judiciary
Typical of counter-revolution media, certain cameras took notice of Friday’s huge demonstration only long enough to show a couple of dozens of paid thugs act out a mock battle for cross-eyed cameras at the end of the mass rally.
Friday, April 19,2013 22:21

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Executive Bureau, denounced the unprofessional behavior of certain media outlets that showed contrived attempts by thugs to undermine the peaceful demonstration that demanded purging of the judiciary.

In a statement, Beltagy said: "Blind cameras that failed to see thousands of citizens who stood outside the courthouse in a peaceful demonstration throughout the day, quickly rushed to show contrived clashes by paid thugs, depicting the scene as attacks between supporters and opponents of the cleansing of the judiciary. No-one knows exactly where those so-called ‘opponents’ came from.

"Those who are now battling it out are armed thugs, whereas peaceful demonstrators have finished their demonstration immediately after reading their statement. They have nothing to do with ongoing make-believe clashes."

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