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Ennahdha Statement on 75th Anniversary of National Martyrs Day
Ennahdha Statement on 75th Anniversary of National Martyrs Day
The Tunisian people will tomorrow, 9 April 2013, proudly commemorate the anniversary of Martyrs Day. The 9th of April 1938 was a glorious day in our country's history, on which Tunisians demanded a free parliament representing the free will of the people, and for that noble goal scores of martyrs sacrificed their souls.
Wednesday, April 10,2013 15:15

 We commemorate that day, on the third year of our people's revolution, with the National Constituent Assembly - and the government emerging out of it - embodying the national will aspired to on 9 April 1938.

On this important national occasion, Ennahdha Party:

1. Prays for the souls of those who resisted occupation and those who struggled against dictatorship, sacrificing their lives for the sake of Tunisia.

2. Stresses that the Tunisian revolution is the culmination of our people's struggles for liberation and the building of representative institutions.

3. Calls on all national parties and stakeholders, whether in or out of government, to work towards providing the necessary security, economic and social conditions for holding the coming elections in the best of manners and at the earliest possible time, so as to achieve the people's call for a "Tunisian Parliament".

Tunis, 8 April 2013

Ennahdha Party

Rached Ghannouchi

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