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Brotherhood Students Revere Al-Azhar Institution
Brotherhood Students Revere Al-Azhar Institution
Muslim Brotherhood students urge hostile media to stop fabricating fumbled fables against them, and assure that they hold Azhar in the highest respects as Sunni Muslims’ most venerable seat of learning.
Thursday, April 4,2013 16:44

Suhaib Abdel-Maksoud, spokesman for Muslim Brotherhood students, said: "I call on private media to recognize and appreciate the grave occasion and great loss that struck the students of Al-Azhar, and communicate the true picture of old cumulative corruption rampant in all parts of Al-Azhar University, with all its branches nationwide.

"Brotherhood students reaffirm that they most sincerely respect the prestigious Al-Azhar institution, but seek to expose corruption that threatens lives, and highlight students’ legitimate demands."

Hundreds of Al-Azhar University students suffered from food-poisoning earlier this week after eating contaminated food from student dormitory's dining rooms. So far, there has been no reported fatalities. The incident sparked an outrage among students and staff, which resulted in the sacking of Al-Azhar University chairman, and a call for early elections to choose new chair.

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