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Erian: Unlimited NGO Freedom Guaranteed in New Law
Erian: Unlimited NGO Freedom Guaranteed in New Law
FJP Vice-Chairman Erian assures new NGO law will serve the interests of the people, not the government; and will not allow for interference by any authority in NGO activity, except the judiciary.
Thursday, April 4,2013 16:12

Dr. Essam El-Erian, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Vice-Chairman, praised in-depth dialogue within various committees of the Shura Council (upper house of Egyptian parliament) on NGO activity law and the right of assembly and demonstration, pointing that the relevant committees are attended by all those interested in texts of the law, in hearing sessions that enhance the work of parliamentarians and effect important amendments to the law.

"The laws will meet the needs of the entire society, not demands of the government; they will serve the public interest and the ends of justice.

"The NGO law will allow creation and registration of such organizations with simple notification to the relevant authority, granting them unlimited freedom of activity. No administrative body will be entitled to interfere in the activity of NGOs. No-one will be able to ban, monitor or dissolve the boards of directors of such organizations. The judiciary will be the only competent authority to resolve NGO-related disputes, while administrative authorities can resort to the judiciary."

Dr. Erian that reciprocity would be the basis in granting foreign NGOs the right to work in Egypt. Foreign funding will be allowed if the requirements are met for transparency and accountability, so spending is made in declared areas and not any others, to protect the interests of taxpayers in states funding those NGOs.

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