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Freedom and Justice Party Respects Judicial Rulings; Assures People Power Above All
Freedom and Justice Party Respects Judicial Rulings; Assures People Power Above All
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, issues a statement reiterating respect for court decisions, while reminding that the people are the source of power.
Thursday, March 28,2013 08:03

In a statement issued Wednesday evening, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) assured it is not in any way involved in the legal dispute about the Public Prosecutor, explaining that although the FJP respects the provisions of the judiciary, the unquestionable unambiguous basic rule is that in postrevolution Egypt, people are the source of authority, and the will and the word of the people are above all others.

In its statement, the FJP further said: "Today, a first-instance ruling – that may be appealed – was issued on the dismissal of the former Public Prosecutor. As a matter of principle, the FJP does not comment on court rulings.

"While we respect judicial decisions, we must underscore the indisputable basic rule of democracy: the people are the source of authority and its will is above all else. The great Egyptian people have approved, with nearly two-thirds majority in Egypt’s permanent constitution that the position of Public Prosecutor enjoys inherent immunity. Moreover, the Egyptian people have approved Article 236 of the Constitution, which provides for enforcement of the consequences and effects of the (November 21) Constitutional Declaration, under which the former Public Prosecutor was dismissed."

The statement went on, "Meanwhile, we would like to point that, earlier, Azbakia Court of Appeal issued a final judgment that confirms the legality of appointing the current Public Prosecutor. That esteemed Court confirmed in its reasoning that no ruling should be issued on behalf of the people if it goes against the people’s will and choice.

"The great Egyptian people erupted in glorious revolution in order to become the source of authority and establish a modern democratic state where the authorities are balanced, with no authority encroaching upon another, while all remain subject to the will of the people, never to over-rule a decision taken by popular majority.

"We call on all authorities and all national forces to work together to build a better future for the great people of Egypt. We hope that certain parties shall stop their attempts to bring back times the people have rejected, rebelled against and will never accept back in any way or form, because the people will not accept any attempts to reproduce the repression and persecution of old."

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