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Mahmoud Ezzat: Insults, Violence Will Not Break Muslim Brotherhood Resolve to Serve Egypt
Mahmoud Ezzat: Insults, Violence Will Not Break Muslim Brotherhood Resolve to Serve Egypt
Brotherhood leader Ezzat affirms that the group will not be disheartened by old regime thugs and cronies resorting to extreme and desperate verbal and physical violence against the group and its offices.
Friday, March 22,2013 15:57

Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman, affirmed that there is a futile attempt to prevent the revolution from overthrowing remnants of the former regime, "because old regime hangovers see the Brotherhood at the forefront of the construction and rejuvenation process, which they are trying to stall, subvert and undermine. Needless to say, only the head of the former regime has been toppled so far.

"Now, they target the Brotherhood because they know it is the fortress that safeguards the revolution. This is why dubious politicians were clamoring against the Brotherhood at the time when the group was endeavoring for harmony and cooperation. Even more, they descended upon our headquarters across Egypt’s governorates, vandalizing and torching thirty Brotherhood offices, while the group held back, and did not respond. Now, so-called opposition supporters went so far as drawing obscenities on the Muslim Brotherhood’s doorstep, literally."

Dr. Ezzat added: "We will not pay undue attention to any insult or acts of violence. Our work will not be disrupted, because we have a comprehensive program that includes vital construction campaigns and urgent development initiatives and projects. No-one will prevent us from performing our duty. Meanwhile, we will continue to safeguard our property.

"As for the legalization of Muslim Brotherhood status, popular legitimacy is the foundation, the true basis for Brotherhood presence. Before any legal legitimacy, the people write the Constitution and elect the parliament which enacts laws as dictated by the Constitution, and in the end, the judiciary uses those laws to deal justice."

Dr. Ezzat reaffirmed that the Brotherhood has been serving Egypt for more than 80 years, without ever asking anything back from this homeland. For their efforts, he went on, Brothers have been persistently persecuted, tortured and summarily executed, their wives widowed, their children orphaned, and all the while they never retaliated or attacked anyone. He asked: "Where were all those who now speak so highly of legal legitimacy when these extreme violations occurred?

"The Administrative Court Commissioners’ report is a preliminary recommendation that can be challenged. In any case, the Muslim Brotherhood has already registered as an NGO in accordance with legal procedures. There are many organizations like the Brotherhood throughout Egypt."

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