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Freedom and Justice Party Launches 'Six-Point Initiative' to End Port Said Crisis
Freedom and Justice Party Launches 'Six-Point Initiative' to End Port Said Crisis
Egypt Presidency agrees on FJP six-point bid to bring Port Said crisis to a peaceful end, with the help of a number of prominent public figures.
Wednesday, March 13,2013 18:06

Ali Dora, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s parliamentary bloc in Port Said, launched an initiative to take Port Said out of its current crisis, with the participation of public figures representing various national currents, including Sheikh Hafez Salama, well-known for his long-suffering political struggle in Canal cities.

Ali Dora said: "The initiative encompasses six points, starting with the Presidency offering solace and consolation to the people of Port Said on the loss of dozens of their sons.

"The initiative also suggests that those killed in Port Said events should be officially considered martyrs of the revolution, and that the judge investigating Port Said events, who was appointed and never got to work as yet, should be allowed to do his duty."

Dora continued: "The initiative also calls for the implementation of the Minister of Interior decision to transfer those convicted in Port Said events to Port Said public prison. The 'Port Said Massacre' case file should be opened, adding new suspects mentioned by the Public Prosecutor and the fact-finding committee.

"Also 15-year-old Bilal Mahfouz, who died during a demonstration with a bullet in his back, should be added to the martyrs of the revolution file.

"We contacted Dr. Imad Abdul-Ghafoor, Assistant to the President of Egypt, and informed him of the six-point initiative. The Presidency welcomed the idea. Lists of the names of the martyrs were then sent to the Presidency for updating.

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