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Cairo Runners
Cairo Runners
Despite all the turmoil and political unrest; despite the apparent distrust amongst Egyptian citizens; despite all the negativity that has spawned over Egypt recently, one group definitely shines, defies all odds, and is able to unite Egyptians in Cairo.
Saturday, February 23,2013 08:47
by Abrar A. Rageh IkhwanWeb

 In Cairo, there emerged a special group that gathers citizens from all walks of life. No religion, race, age, gender, social status or political ideology comes in the way here. This group is Cairo Runners.

The organizers do a good job of planning ahead of time, mapping out the routes they will take, and keeping the participants excited. They also succeed in making people wake up early! Every Friday, 7:00 am, a group of people meet at a common place from a chosen area for the week. They get stationed, ready... set...GO!

Nervien Gadallah, a committed Cairo Runner, first heard about the runs from Ibrahim Safwat, a fellow coworker and founder of this Initiative. "Cairo Runners encouraged a lot of people to run! People who were so far from exercising", she said. The political unrest in the country does not come in the way of a productive run, "the Cairo Runners team secure the roads before the run" to ensure safe conditions for a peaceful run. "The best thing in Cairo Runners is that we put all our differences aside, and we all become One", says Gadallah.

Aside from building healthier lives, Cairo Runners builds communities and brings people together for a good cause. Cairo Runners has grown rapidly. It started as a small group with strong determination. This determination, goodwill and consistency allowed for a 2000+ strong run last week.

Cairo Runners gets a gold star for being one of the best groups in postrevolution Egypt. With groups like this, Egyptians will grow stronger, healthier and more united. Here’s for a better Egypt! Check out Cairo Runners on Facebook and twitter @CairoRunners. If in Cairo, be sure to join a run and support a great cause!

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