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Erian: Opposition Must Accept Democracy, Compete in Elections, Earn People's Trust
Erian: Opposition Must Accept Democracy, Compete in Elections, Earn People's Trust
Egypt opposition forces can change the president, the cabinet and the constitution, if only they work through democratic process, through the ballot box.
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Saturday, February 9,2013 17:48

Dr. Essam El-Erian, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Vice-Chairman, said: "We opposed the Mubarak regime, which was politically an extension of the July (1952) revolution regime, having veered off its path economically and socially.

"We demanded political, social and economic rights – for which we realized the key was restoring public freedoms, freedom to form parties, freedom to publish newspapers, and most importantly freedom and fairness of general elections."

In a post on his personal page on Facebook, Dr. Erian added: "Today, we have achieved the goal for which we collected one million signatures back in 2010, and for which we revolted with no inspiring leader, no political chief and no dominant party. Our demands lead us through those events.

"Those who want to change the president can do so, in the next presidential elections. Those who want to form a salvation government can do so through forthcoming parliamentary elections – in a few weeks – where the people who turn out to polling stations in long lines prevent any fraud, especially with constant supervision of Egypt’s honorable judges.

Further, those who want to prosecute any official, can do so – either through the public prosecutor and the judiciary, or through parliament."

Dr. Erian added that: "Those fearful of freedom and democracy must rid themselves of this fear and endeavor to win over the people, rather than cause anger and indignation by this destructive violence. They must exercise their freedom responsibly, and get ready to bear their responsibility, if the people put their confidence in them.

"People's choice is the foundation of governing, which is in fact a matter of public service and grave responsibility, not as it was under the July revolution regime – all power and glory or influence and control; not as it was under Sadat, either, as he left behind Abdel-Nasser’s asceticism – a source of illicit wealth for all those around him; and not as it was under Mubarak – a source of wealth for family, friends and cronies."

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