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Islamist Coalition Statement, Tuesday, on Ongoing Disruptive Protests, Violence and Lawlessness
Islamist Coalition Statement, Tuesday, on Ongoing Disruptive Protests, Violence and Lawlessness
The Islamist Coalition demands parties calling for violent demonstrations must be held to account, those who raped or assaulted dozens of Egyptian women in Tahrir Square must be tried, deterrent legal action against violations of Interior Ministry personnel must be enacted, and demonstration law must be fast-tracked.
Wednesday, February 6,2013 07:19

 In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Islamist Coalition (IC) has witnessed the unfolding violent events of the past few days with deep shock and horror. It has therefore made this statement to all Egyptians:

1. The IC urges the Public Prosecutor to hold accountable all political parties calling for disruptive demonstrations of violence, sabotage and road- or railway-blocking.

2. The IC urges all print and broadcast media to exercise caution and commit to professional standards in what they published in newspapers or broadcast on satellite TV channels, so they would not serve as mouthpieces for sedition and counter-revolution propaganda.

3. The IC holds owners of private TV channels and newspapers that incite or justify acts of violence and vandalism fully responsible for the recent crisis and considers them the spearhead of the counter-revolution.

4. The IC reminds all Egyptians that the purpose of instigating this sedition and prolonging the crisis is to cause the Egyptian economy more damage and suffocating crises, and that those behind the violence, vandalism and road- and railway-blocking barbarism are totally indifferent to the suffering of the Egyptian people, especially the working classes.

5. The IC urges the Ministry of Awqaf (religious endowments) and all Muslim advocacy organizations to call on the Egyptian people to uphold the values of kindness, compassion and tolerance, and renounce the morality of violence, lawlessness and hatred; to reaffirm the sanctity of blood and public and private property, and to hold high the values of patriotism and concern for the safety and security of the homeland.

6. The IC demands that authorities promptly bring to trial all criminals who raped or assaulted dozens of Egyptian women in Tahrir Square so as to heal the hearts of Egyptians. Indeed, the IC is deeply shocked and baffled to see well-known symbols of the former corrupt regime in Tahrir Square – the symbol of the Revolution – celebrating its second anniversary!

7. The IC urges authorities to criminalize any disruptive protest that negatively impacts the interests of citizens and leads to road, railway or public square closures. Furthermore, authorities must open Cairo’s Tahrir Square to traffic while maintaining the safety of passers-by, both vehicles and pedestrians.

8. The IC urges the Shura Council (upper house of parliament) to expedite the enactment of laws regulating peaceful demonstrations and protests.

9. The IC urges Islamist youth to restraint, and to trust that victory is theirs eventually.

10. The IC demands that the Ministry of Interior expedite the investigation and take deterrent legal action in all incidents where its personnel violated rights and laws, while expressing gratitude and thanks for all the genuine efforts the Ministry made to confront vandalism and violence and to maintain the security of Egypt.

God save our country from all sedition and strife.

The Islamist Coalition


Signatories to the Statement:

Islamic Legitimate Body for Rights and Reformation (ILBRR)

Gama’a Islamiya

The Muslim Brotherhood

Association of Sunni Scholars

Al-Azhar Scholars Front

Renaissance and Reformation Association

Preachers Syndicate

Salafist Front


Signatory Political Parties:

Asala Party

Watan Party

Construction and Development Party

Reform Party

Freedom and Justice Party

Wasat Party

People's Party

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