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Katatni Calls for Greater Participation by Opposition Parties in Ongoing National Dialogue
Katatni Calls for Greater Participation by Opposition Parties in Ongoing National Dialogue
Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni urges all opposition parties to join national dialogue sessions currently underway and to participate positively in debates of differences over the new national charter.
Thursday, January 17,2013 18:10

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said Egypt was still in the transitional phase, endeavoring to complete the march towards democracy, and to build essential democratic institutions, which include the election of the House of Representatives (lower, legislative house of Egypt’s parliament) in about three months.

During a meeting with Alistair Bart, UK Minister for the Middle East; and James Watt, Britain's Ambassador in Cairo; and their accompanying delegation, the FJP chairman stressed the importance of serious national dialogue to find common ground among the country’s political parties regarding the Electoral Law and articles of the new Constitution still in dispute.

"We are strongly engaged in ongoing national dialogue sessions. We urge greater participation by opposition parties", Katatni said, adding: "We support strong political participation by women and Copts".

Meanwhile, the British Minister Bart expressed gratitude for the warm reception accorded him. The two sides discussed the current political developments in the Egyptian arena and ways to boost bilateral relations.

Further, the British Minister highlighted the importance of political stability and institution-building in Egypt, adding that the FJP, in its capacity as the country’s largest party, has a responsibility to help establish stability and institution-building.

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