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Heshmat: Continuing Diplomatic Efforts to End Emirates Egyptians Crisis Quickly
Heshmat: Continuing Diplomatic Efforts to End Emirates Egyptians Crisis Quickly
Egypt’s Shura Council member Heshmat urges UAE rulers to intervene to end the unnecessary suffering of top Egyptian professionals detained in the Emirates without charges or trials.
Friday, January 11,2013 18:38

In a press statement, Dr. Gamal Heshmat, member of the Shura Council (upper house of Egypt’s parliament), said: "Everyone is totally baffled at the predicament of Egyptians who have served in the UAE for long years, especially since there is no justification for the actions taken against them.

"We hope the rulers of the Emirates will put an end to this crisis, and honor those Egyptians, because they have committed no crime at all, but have been harmed, themselves and their families."

Dr. Heshmat stressed that it is important to know the reason behind this change in the treatment of Egyptians. He further stressed that authorities must halt manifestations of this apparently sudden change and build relations between the two countries on the basis of goodwill and mutual respect.

He pointed that Egypt's relationship with the UAE has been good throughout history, and that Egypt is approaching a new phase of openness with Arab countries.

"We hope that the joint committee between the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE officials end the problems of the Egyptians without delay. The solution should be good to cover all Egyptians there."

Heshmat added that the detainees have rights they must restore, such as legal defense, calling their embassy and contacting their relatives, "the rights of Egyptians abroad should never be ignored".
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